Kodaikanal is an infamous hill station in South India, which is called as “Princess of Hills”. Do you know how Kodaikanal is still been able to keep its charm even after a century and more? It is because of the tourist friendly residents of the Kodaikanal. People there do care about the tourists and they are aware that the income of the majority of the residents comes from Tourism.


The ride from foothills to the Kodaikanal lake is really exciting for any nature lover. If you want to get relieved from your Office-stress, just take few days leave and move up to Kodaikanal. It will not just only relieve your stress, Kodaikanal will make you fresh.

If you want to feel such nostalgic moments in your life, do not miss to spend few days in Kodaikanal. You can enjoy a lot in Lake, which is a man-made one. The Boathouse will not fail to entertain you every time you pedal the boat! mistylake1

There are several small things in and around the Boathouse that you can enjoy! I will write more about my trips to various mountains in the next articles…


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